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Fight to Win BJJ (Steve Hall)

Brian (Bullet) and Alex (Macho) Mas (The Bash Brothers)

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Become A NAGA Referee
Ring Coordinator
Hawaii State Grappling Championship 5
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Baret Yoshida defeated Renato Tavares - Referee Decision
Moacir "Boca" Oliveira defeated Kendal Goo - Refreee Decision


NO-GI Expert 174.5 lbs. & Under
1st Place Kaeo Lopez Ka-Me-Le
2nd Place Jared Espina Longman JJ
3rd Place Aaron Moeller Longman JJ
4th Place Ryan Eneim Longman JJ

NO-GI Expert 175 lbs. & Above
1st Place Bruno Elwald Longman JJ-Kauai
2nd Place Rylan Lizares Grappling Unlimited
3rd Place Steve Byrnes Grappling Unlimited
4th Place Anthony Torres Grappling Unlimited

GI Purple Belt & Above Light Weight
1st Place Deigo Saraiva Nova Unaio
2nd Place Kyle Snyder-Olivars Relson Gracie-Casca Grossa
3rd Place Kaeo Lopez Kamole

GI Purple Belt & Above Heavy Weight
1st Place Kimo Kreis Relson Gracie
2nd Place Gregor Herb North Shore JJ
3rd Place Champ Tremaine Nova Unaio
4th Place Kauai Kupihea Kaneohe

NO-GI Women's Advanced Light Weight
1st Place Molly Helsel JKD Unlimited
2nd Place Daynin Dashefsky Gracie Kailua