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Name:  Chris Haraszti
Age:  39
Location:  Atlanta, GA
Occupation:  Orthopedic Surgeon
Style:  BJJ
Team:  BRASA
Length of Time Training:  GA State wrestling champ many moons ago and 3 years BJJ under Roberto "Spider" Traven
Biggest Accomplishment in NAGA: 

Just competing is an accomplishment.

My Dad
Ranked Accomplishments: 

Ranked number 1 in the nation in 30+ No GI division for 2008, Won both masters and adult advanced divisions two different times at NAGA tournaments.

Other Interests: 
Ritter (age 6), Paulina (age 4) and Lindy (age 3) and my wife Melissa (ageless).
Future Goals in Grappling: 
To continue to have a great time, stay in shape, have fun and continue to meet, train with and compete against even more incredible people
Future Goals in Life: 
NAGA Comments: 

Nicknamed "Doctor Chris", Dr. Harazti has been a force in NAGA Master divisions in the Southeast. Beyond his talents on the mat, Dr. Chris is always available to answer questions and offer advice in his specialty of orthopedic surgery. This gentleman is a pleasure to have on the NAGA mats and we expect many more successful years from him.