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Name:  Tommy Richards
Age:  17
Location:  Morristown, TN
Occupation:  Student
Style:  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Team:  Team Victory
Length of Time Training:  3.5 years, Blue Belt
Biggest Accomplishment in NAGA: 

Winning four 1st places at the NAGA Worlds in Texas in both teen expert gi and no-gi and adult intermediate gi and no-gi

My dad, Tom Richards, mom, Jessica Richards, and instructor, Phil Hurst, who have all helped me accomplish all that I have
Ranked Accomplishments: 

In 2011: 2nd in Gi male 15-17, 2nd in No-Gi Male 15-17, and 3rd in Gi male 18-29

Other Interests: 
Any kind of physical activity and also helping instruct Jiu-Jitsu to others
Future Goals in Grappling: 
To become the best that I can, which will hopefully involve many world championships
Future Goals in Life: 
To continue my Jiu-Jitsu career and eventually open a school to share my knowledge with others who love the sport as much as I do
NAGA Comments: 

In 2011, Tommy had one of the most successful grappling campaigns in NAGA history. Tommy (and his sisters) competed all across the United State amassing numerous wins. Tommy took home wins in both teen and adult divisions earning him Top 3 rankings in three Ranked categories (2 teen and 1 adult).

Tommy is a very talented, humble competitor who has the drive, guidance, and support to become a big name in this sport.