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Get the Latest Updates on Facebook - 08/27/2013

To get the latest NAGA info become a fan of the NAGA Facebook page. Here is a link to the page

TEST - 12/15/2011


Getting Ready to Compete in NAGA? - 12/05/2011

Visit Jiu-Jitsu Mania for a list of the Top 5 things you should know to prepare for upcoming NAGA tournaments. Click HERE to read the article.

Want to Become a NAGA Referee? - 10/28/2011

Here is an article posted on concerning what it takes to be a NAGA referee. If you are interested in becoming a referee info on contacting us is listed in the article. Read article here.

NAGA Tennessee Rescheduled - 02/14/2011

NAGA Tennessee has been moved from March 2011 to November 5, 2011. More information will be available for this tournament later this year.

Youth 1 - New England Kids & Teen Results - 02/04/2011

Here is a recap by Youth 1 of the Kids and Teens divisions from NAGA new England this past weekend.


Revised NAGA No-Gi and Gi Rules Posted - 01/25/2011

NAGA has made revisions to our rules for 2011. The rules can be viewed or downloaded by clicking the NAGA Rules & Judging link located to the left. Please familiarize yourself with them before competing and coaching. There have been multiple changes and clarfications made. See you on the mats in 2011!

Jay Bell's New Website - 01/25/2011

Jay Bell is a monthly contributor of the NAGA Technique of the Month. He has just launched his new website, Submissions Inc. Check it out! There is a lot of good info, interaction, and humor.

Youth 1 - Evolve BJJ's Wilson Brothers - 01/25/2011

Youth 1 did a great article on these NAGA competitors. You can read it HERE.

Check out the NAGA World Jiu-Jitsu Shirt - 11/30/2010

This is the shirt that all pre-registered competitors will receive for the 12/18 - 12/19/10 event being held in North Richland Hills, TX.

NAGC Results Posted on Youth 1 - 11/24/2010

Visit the EVENT RESULTS section of Youth1 for a write up on the Kids & Teen divisions from this past weekend's NAGC.

American Top Team on Youth 1 - 11/15/2010

Youth 1 did a fantastic article on one of the top NAGA competition teams in the world, American Top Team. With numerous NAGA team championships, ATT has been a foce in Florida and beyond. Read the article here:

The Future of MMA - 11/15/2010

Our friends at Youth 1 did a great article on the Ruffo brothers of Las Vegas. Click the link to read about these MMA prodigies.

Marc Stevens at Reality Fighting - 11/15/2010

Marc Stevens of The Ultimate Fighter 12 talks about his fighter, Billy Garrett's win at Reality Fighting, and some his experience on The Ultimate Fighter:

NAGA Hawaii Kids & Teens Recap on Youth 1 - 10/28/2010

Youth 1 has the results and descriptions on the Kids and Teens Expert divisions now up on their site. Click <HERE> to view them.

Joe Fiorentino in the News. Again! - 10/26/2010

NAGA Executive competitor and champion, Joe Fiorentino was featured in another local news article.

Team Kimura in Local Paper - 10/26/2010

Here is a newspaper article on one of the more dominant gi teams at NAGA, Team Kimura. We look forward to hearing the Kimura chant at NAGC in just a few weeks.

NAGA at Youth 1 is now LIVE! - 10/22/2010

Youth 1 is the world's first media company devoted to kids. They will be covering NAGA events, doing write ups on NAGA competitors, and posting results from NAGA tournaments. Check out the site <HERE>. More good things to come soon!

Congratulations to New BJJ Black Belt Jay Bell - 10/19/2010

Jay has been a longtime contributor to the NAGA Technique section of the website. His videos are very informative and it is awesome that someone of his caliber is willing to share these great techniques.

Jay was recently awarded his well deserved black belt by Marco Delima and Marcus Aurelio. Congrats Jay! Here is a video of the black belt ceremony:

Newspaper Article on Grappler of the Decade - 10/19/2010

Here is an article on NAGA Grappler of the Decade, Anthony Argyros, from the website Click<HERE> to read it.

BJJ Manifesto - Arroyo and Kahn - 10/14/2010

BJJ black belt Rob Kahn, and BJJ black belt/UFC fighter Matt Arroyo have a tremendous new product out, The BJJ Manifesto. There are some incredible techniques showcased within this program. The finshing any triangle section is fantastic! Click <HERE> for more information or to order this great product.

Fight Summit MMA Conference & Expo - 10/14/2010

Fight Summit is a business oriented conference/expo designed specifically to deliver powerful information to businesses in the combat sports industry. The expo will take place on December 17-19 in Las Vegas. Click <HERE> for more information. Remember to use discount code "NA111" to get $30 off your registration.

Just Cause MMA Seminar - 10/14/2010

Our friends at Southern New England MMA (Middletown, CT) are hosting a MMA seminar on December 3, 2010 that will feature: UFC fighter Dan Hardy, Bellator fighter Roger Huerta, and 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu black belt Scott Epstein. For more information or to register you can click <HERE>.

NAGA Joins with Youth 1 - 10/13/2010

Check out this article on NAGA by the guys at Youth 1 (click HERE). They will be featuring NAGA Kids and Teen competitor on their website starting with this weekend's Northeast Grappling Championship. Youth 1 is entirely dedicated to youth sports. You can call them the ESPN of youth sports. We look forward to working with Youth 1 and giving you great content to read over the coming months and beyond.

New Techniques Added - 07/09/2010

For July we are featuring four new techniques from the side mount. Jay Bell shows three no-gi submissions and one gi escape/sweep all originating from the side mount. Check them out and add them to your arsenal.

Gladiator Magazine and Sonbol Watches to Honor Anthony Argyros - 07/07/2010

Gladiator Magazine ( is pleased to announce that Anthony Argyros will receive its 2010 Golden Gladiator achievement award at NAGA's ( Battle at the Beach in Wildwood, NJ on August 7-8 for his long-time support of submission grappling.

The award will include an ultra-premium Sunbol gold designer watch valued at around $1000 from principal award sponsor Sonbol Watches (, a wall plaque to commemorate the occasion, a lifetime subscription to Gladiator Magazine, and two gift certificates from Fogo de Chao (, the best Brazilian BBQ restaurant in the world with 16 locations in the U.S. and 6 in Brazil.

"It's fitting that a person like Anthony, who has displayed such premium character on and off the mat should get a premium Sonbol gold watch as part of the Gladiator Magazine award," said Jonny Sonbol, owner of Sonbol watches. "Sonbol Watches is thrilled to help to honor someone who has worked so hard to make a difference."

"We are very pleased to be able to help recognize Anthony with this Gladiator Magazine award," said Andrew Feldmann, Fogo de Chao spokesman. "With 16 locations in the U.S. I'm sure he'll find plenty of chances to use the coupons at a Fogo de Chao restaurant near a NAGA event."

"Gladiator Magazine believes that MMA, BJJ, and submission grappling has grown over the years because of the grassroots efforts of people just like Anthony," said Todd Hester, publisher of Gladiator Magazine. "It's important to recognize the people who put in so much of their own time and money to help grow the sport simply because they love it."

For more information go to Gladiator Magazine (, Sunbol Watches (, NAGA ( and Fogo de Chao (

NAGA in Gladiator Magazine - 06/16/2010

Here is a press release submitted by Gladiator Magazine:

Bill Goldberg on the Cover of Gladiator!

The current issue of Gladiator Magazine features one of the true superstars of sports entertainment, Bill Goldberg, who supported mixed martial arts during his years as a professional NFL football player and then as the most popular and famous professional wrestler of his generation. While people might only associate Goldberg with his in-ring persona, he was in fact one of the first pro athletes to make the jump from playing field to ring, where he then became an ealy supporter of cagefighting by opening one of the first MMA gyms in the U.S. in Atlanta, Georgia. In the late '90s, when the sport had been banned off pay-per-view and was struggling to survive, Goldberg gave the athletes of the day a place to train and gave hope to the entire MMA world that mainstream acceptance was coming. Never one to follow the crowd or be pressured to act against his inner sense of right and wrong, Goldberg continued to support and encourage crossover athletes such as Brock Lesnar, whom Goldberg fought in his final pro-wrestling appearance and then commentated on when Lesnar had his first MMA fight in EliteXC. In every facet of his life, Goldberg has brought the warrior spirit to whatever he does, whether it was growing up as a multi-sport athlete in Oklahoma, playing college and pro football, or appearing on Celebrity Apprentice or hosting such TV shows as Bullrun and Garage Mahal.


For MMA fans, this action-packed issue also includes event coverage of King of the Cage, Strikeforce, Ultimate Fighting Championship, and Gladiator Challenge and features such fighters as as "Shogun" Rua, Lyoto Machida, Chad Herrick, Mike Kyle, Alistair Overeem, Quinn Mulhern, Joe Doerkson, Jaime Jara and more! Submission Grappling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu fans can find a wealth of information reading a huge article on the final standings of Kipp Kollar's NAGA RANKED season, where Keegstra, Smith, Argyros repeated as champions. The new force of the jiu-jitsu world, Kayron Gracie, son of Gracie Barra founder Carlos Gracie Jr., flexed his muscles as he won his first black belt jiu-jitsu tournament ever entered in taking the Pan BJJ Tournament title! In addition to Kayron's heroics, the giant Pan BJJ article with tons of photos, also give individual and team final standings include the Alliance domination and the dual weight class/Absolute title runs by Bernardo Farias and Gabrielle Garcia.

Training and instruction also come your way courtesy of Rommel Dunbar, Eddie Deluca, and Tom Supnet, while Kid Peligro gives his keen insights into the jiu-jitsu world and Dr. Christian Harfouche fills us in on the latest happeneings at Karate College, the first cross-martial arts seminar in the U.S., now going strong for two-plus decades! 

There is plenty more to read about including tuner tips on everyone's favorite second hobby, fixing up your car! Find out how to choose the best tires and rims to give your car that "new" look without breaking the bank, courtesy of the car gurus at Magnaflow. UFC creator Art Davie also gives us a tour of his tuned-up 2005 Tiburon, with lots of go-fast tips and fun fix-up ideas. Pick up Gladiator Magazine now and get the inside scoop on MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, submission grappling and all the combat sports! Visit your nearest Barnes and Nobles, Hastings, Books-A-Million or other major magazine outlet or subscribe at

New Techniques Added For April - 04/20/2010

Royce Gracie brown belt Jay Bell has three new techniques he is sharing with the NAGA community. Check them out by clicking the Technique of the Month link on the left.

A big thank you goes out to the very talented Jay Bell.

World Championship Pre-Registration - 03/30/2010

Just a reminder that pre-registration for the April 10 & 11, 2010 NAGA World Championship closes this Friday. Be sure to pre-register to get your tournament t-shirt. You can register online or download a registration form and mail it in. More information can be found HERE.

Website Issues - 03/16/2010

There were issues with Internet Explorer users unable to view the photos from the Dollamur Championship and the New England Championship. That issue has been corrected.

Nice News Article - 03/11/2010

This is a very nice article on the Callum-King brothers from Rising Sun Martial Arts in Massachusetts.

Three New Techniques Added - 03/02/2010

Visit the NAGA Techniques page to learn three new techniques from Jay Bell. Jay has provided us a technique for no-gi, gi, and MMA. Take a look, we think you will like them.

Result Entries - 02/24/2010

Result corrections requested  on 2/24/10 and later will be made on Monday, 2/28/10. There is currently an issue with entering data into the website and we will not be back in the office till Monday (2/28).

The New NAGA Mats - 02/18/2010

Here is a video of how the new NAGA mats were created with all the new logos. We are very happy with how these turned out. Dollamur and Swain Mats did an incredible job. For more info on these mats you can visit

Watch video HERE.

Three New Featured Grapplers - 02/10/2010

NAGA has added three new Featured Grapplers; Ricardo Ribeiro, Zane Brown, and Jacob Allphin. Congratulations to these three fantastic grapplers!

Dollamur Pre-Registration Closes Friday - 02/10/2010

Be sure to pre-register for the Dollamur Grappling Championship (TX) by Friday (2/12) to get you free tournament t-shirt.

NAGA New England - 02/04/2010

There have been some inquiries concerning the storm that might possibly hit New England this weekend. NAGA New England is going on as planned. If anything changes we will post the information here on the website.

Kevin Estevez - 02/02/2010

Kevin Estevez is a terrific competitor who trains at K2 MMA in Florida. He sent NAGA the attached image and we wanted to share it with the NAGA community. It is an inspirational message that we hope you enjoy.

Dungeon MMA Hosts BJJ Seminar - 01/29/2010

Dungeon MMA in South Yarmouth, MA will be hosting two Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu seminars with 4-Time BJJ Wolrd Champion Rene Nazare, and 5-Time BJJ World Champion Daniel Garcia Dias.

Sunday, February 7, 12-3PM will be a GI seminar.

Saturday, February 13, 12-3PM will be a NO-GI seminar.

The cost per tournament is $75. For more information call, 508-685-5838. You can download the flyer HERE.

New Techniques Added - 01/28/2010

Check out the techniques page for three new techniques from Royce Gracie brown belt, Jay Bell.

New England Pre-Registration - 01/27/2010

Pre-Registration for NAGA New England closes this Friday (1/29/10). Be sure to pre-register to get your free tournament t-shirt.

***IMPORTANT***NAGA World Cup Date Change - 01/13/2010

Due to a scheduling conflict with the venue, NAGA World Cup (FL) is now a ONE DAY event. Both kids and adults will be competing on SATURDAY, February 13, 2010. Kids & Teen divisions will go first.

NAGA Mats For Sale - 01/12/2010

We still have 10 6' X 50' strips of mat available for the incredible price of $1000 per strip. These are Dollamur Flexi-roll mats, the nicest grappling mats on the scene. At just over $3 a square foot this is a great price.

If you are interested in purchasing a strip please call NAGA at 860-295-0403 or email Kipp Kollar.

Jerry Jones - 40 submissions in under 5 minutes - 01/11/2010

check out this video from longtime NAGA supporter Jerry Jones:

Fabio Novaes Article - 01/05/2010

2009 NAGA Coach of the Year Fabio Novaes had a nice write up done about him by The Ledger. Check it out here:

Happy New Year - 12/31/2009

NAGA wishes everyone a happy and safe New Year. We thank you for supporting us in 2009 and plan to bring you bigger and better events in 2010.

Merry Christmas - 12/25/2009

NAGA wishes our NAGA Fighters and their families a Merry Christmas.

Southwest Grappling Championship - 12/12/2009

Pre-registration for the Southwest Grappling Championship is now closed. You can still register/weigh-in on Friday (12/18) from 5-8PM, or on Saturday beginning at 8AM. $80 - 1 Division, $100 - 2 Divisions, $15 - Spectator Pass.

Southwest Pre-Registration Closes Friday - 12/09/2009

Be sure to pre-register for the Southwest Grappling Championship by midnight Friday to get your beach towel or flip flops.

Divisions Changes for 2010 - 12/04/2009

Please note that starting in 2010, Kids divisions will now be classified as 13 years of age & under (not 14). Teens will be broken into 14 & 15 year olds, and 16 & 17 year olds (NAGA reserves the right to combine the Teen age groups dependng on competitor turnout).

Also changing is how the women division skill levels are categorized. The skill levels will now mirror those of the mens divisions; Novice (under 6 months), Beginner (6 months to 2 years), Intermediate (2-5 years), Advanced/Expert (5 years and over). Please remember that if you are a blue belt in BJJ (or the equivilent in another art) you must compete in Intermediate No-Gi. If you are a purple belt or above in BJJ (or the equivilent in another art) you must do Advanced/Expert No-Gi.

NAGA Florida Awards - 12/03/2009

Awards are being mailed out next week for those who did not receive them at the tournament. NAGA appreciates your patience.

NAGA Southwest Championship Awards - 12/02/2009

Just to clarify what will be awarded for the 12/19/09 NAGA Southwest Championship:

- Championship Belts to ALL Expert division winners

- Gold Medals to all Adult, Kids & Teens Non-Expert division winners

- Silver medals to ALL 2nd place finishers, bronze medals to ALL 3rd place finishers.

- Samurai swords are NOT being awarded.

Happy Thanksgiving - 11/26/2009

NAGA wishes you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.

NAGA Florida - 11/25/2009

Results are now posted for the NAGA Florida tournament. Event photos will be up by Monday (due to the holidays).

Thank you to those who came out to compete or came out to support their grappler. This was a huge tournament with great competitors. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you in February.

NAGA Florida - 11/18/2009

This is shaping up to be a huge tournament. We have over 300 pre-registered competitors coming from all over the state of Florida and beyond. You can still register at the event. One divisions is $80, two divisions are $100, spectator passes are $15. See you this weekend!

NAGA Florida Pre-Registration - 11/11/2009

Pre-registration closes this Friday for next weekend's NAGA Florida. be sure to pre-register to get your free tournament t-shirt.

Purple Belts at NAGC Win Championship Belts! - 11/10/2009

Normally, championship belts are only awarded to the Expert division Gi winners (brown & black belts). At NAGC this weekend, all purple belt division winners will also be awarded a championship belt.

If you did not pre-register you can still register Friday night or Saturday (all kids & teens are on Sunday). Visit the NAGC site for more details.

Pre-Registration for NAGC Closes Tonight - 11/06/2009

Pre-register for next weekend's North American Grappling Championship closes tonight. Be sure to pre-register to get your free tournament t-shirt.

Article on Daynin Dashefsky - 11/03/2009

Here is a cool article about grappler Daynin Dashefsky from the 20009 NAGA Hawaii. Click HERE to view the article.

NAGA Mats For Sale - 11/03/2009

NAGA is getting new mats! We will be selling the old ones after the 11/21 event in Florida. We will be selling each 6'X50' (300 sq. ft.) strip for $1000 ($3.33 a sq. ft.). If you are interested please contact Kipp Kollar at You do not have to be at the Florida tournament to purchase the mats.

October Techniques of the Month Added - 10/26/2009

Check out the two new techniques we have added to the Technique of the Month area.

Russell Daniels shows a nice sweep to knee on belly.

John Connors gives us an excellent armbar variation.

Joe Fiorentino Featured in Fight! Magazine - 10/23/2009

One of NAGA's Featured Fighters is also featured in Fight! magazine. Check out the article HERE. Joe is a tremendous competitor who does a lot for his community. Congratulations Joe on the recognization you have received!

2010 NAGA Calendar Available for Download - 10/22/2009

You can now download the 2010 NAGA schedule. The link is located on the right-side of the front page, right above the Facebook button. It is approximately 500KB. Check out where we are heading next year. It is going to be another big year!

While you are downloading, make sure to click the Facebook button and become a fan of NAGA.

Reality Fighitng - Ferocity - 10/21/2009

On November 7th in Plymouth, MA, NAGA presents; Reality Fighting - Ferocity. The show will feature 15 MMA fights headlined by the highly anticipated Lightweight Title Fight between Rene Nazare and Will Kerr. These two warriors are considered to be the top two lightweights in New England.

For more information or to purchase tickets, click the blue Reality Fighting button near the top of the website. Tickets are going fast.

1001 Submissions Presale Ends Tonight! - 10/21/2009

1001 Submissions - The DVDs, will be the fight industry's largest instructional DVD set, by a large margin; an unprecedented 50+ volumes of submissions, from everywhere. No cheesy finger locks or oil checks here; these submissions are used by the world's elite grapplers & MMA fighters.

The host of 1001 Submissions - The DVDs, is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt & and 10 time UFC veteran, Din Thomas. Din has beaten the best in the world and he'll show you the secrets to bring your submission game up to a level you've never imagined. 
Get on the waiting list right now and get 35% off, before it goes on sale to the public! Click here>>

The presale ends tonight at midnight. Order your set today.

NAGC Hotel - 10/19/2009

Those of you who are competing in the North American Grappling Championship on 11/14 - 11/15/09 and are planning to stay at the event hotel (Wyndham Gardens), please contact them ASAP. The cutoff date has passed and the rooms will soon be released to the general public. Call them now at 973-824-4000 to make your reservations and get the discounted NAGA price. For more information visit the NAGC page and click the 'Travel Info' button.

Botello Brothers Grappling Team - 10/12/2009

Check out this article about the Botello Brothers Grappling Team in their local newspaper. The article features information about them competing in the NAGA East Coast Championship. Click HERE to view the article.

NAGA Southwest Championship Date - 10/05/2009

We have received some calls concerning the date of the NAGA Southwest Championship in December. Some older magazines have the incorrect date of 12/5/09. The correct date is the one listed on the website, 12/19/09.

Please remember that dates can change and to always look on the website for the latest information.

We look forward to seeing our Southwest competitors on Saturday, December 19th in Ft. Worth, TX.

NAGA Hawaii - 10/05/2009

Pre-registration for NAGA Hawaii, October 18, 2009, closes this Friday. Be sure to pre-register to get your free NAGA beach towel.

NAGA in Local Paper - 10/02/2009

The grapplers from Team Shidokan were featured in their local newspaper after a successful showing at the NAGA Indiana tournament. Click the image to view the article.

NAGA D.C. Pre-Reg Closes Today - 10/02/2009

Make sure you pre-register by midnight tonight to get your free tournament t-shirt. If you cannot pre-register, you can still register at the door on Friday from 5-8PM, or on Saturday beginning at 8AM. Visit the NAGA D.C. page for more details.

NAGA on Facebook - 09/30/2009

Become a fan of NAGA on Facebook. Come out and meet other NAGA competitors and keep up with the latest happenings in the NAGA world. To become a fan click HERE.

Spectator Tickets - Olympia Grappling Championship - 09/21/2009

NAGA has received clarification from the Olympia Sports Festival promoters that spectator tickets will only be available for Saturday's event on Saturday at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Tickets will be $15.

Olympia Friday Night Weigh-Ins - 09/21/2009

As a reminder, the weigh-ins for this Friday's weigh-in for the Olympia Grappling Championship (Vegas) will be held at the Orleans Casino, NOT the convention center. For directions to the Orleans Casino please click HERE. The weigh-ins will be held from 5-8PM. Signs will be located in the lobby to direct you to the weigh-in/registration room located in Salon F.

New Techinques of the Month - 09/15/2009

Two new techniques have been added to the websites Technique of the Month section. Check them out and give them a shot in training.

If you are interested in submitting a technique please contact us through our 'Contacts' page. The video will need to be hosted on YouTube for us to be able to display it.

Mr. Olympia - 09/15/2009

Pre-registration for the NAGA Mr. Olympia World Grappling Championship ends this Friday. Please be sure to pre-register to get your tournament t-shirt.

Indiana - 09/11/2009

Please remember that pre-registration for NAGA Indiana closes tonight. Be sure to pre-register to get your competition t-shirt.

Dollamur - 09/08/2009

Dollamur Flexi-Roll mats are the official mats of NAGA. These mats are ultra lightweight and portable, offer superb shock absorbency, and can easily be set up by one person. For more information visit the Dollamur website,

NAGA Southeast Grappling Championship - 09/08/2009

NAGA returns to Georgia this Saturday for the NAGA Southeast Grappling Championship. Remember, you can register/weigh-in on Friday from 5-8PM, or on Saturday beginning at 8AM. For more information click HERE.

NAGA is an official sponsor of 1001 Submissions - The DVDs! - 09/04/2009

1001 Submissions - The DVDs, will be the fight industry's largest instructional DVD set, by a large margin; an unprecedented 50+ volumes of submissions, from everywhere. No cheesy finger locks or oil checks here; these submissions are used by the world's elite grapplers & MMA fighters.

The host of 1001 Submissions - The DVDs, is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt & and 10 time UFC veteran, Din Thomas. Din has beaten the best in the world and he'll show you the secrets to bring your submission game up to a level you've never imagined. 
Get on the waiting list right now and get 35% off, before it goes on sale to the public! Click here>>