BJJ Instructional – Andrew Calandrelli

November 29, 2021

Andrew Calandrelli (3rd degree black belt under Marcelo Garcia) has released a video series through BJJ Fanatics on how to navigate the front headlock position in BJJ competitions. BJJ Fanatics has a 50% off deal on this video on Cyber Monday (11/29/21). Andrew is a great instructor, you will surely learn and improve your grappling game with these videos. Visit BJJFanatics to purchase these videos.

From the BJJ Fanatics site:

Learn To Effectively Navigate the Front Headlock Position and Supercharge your Submission Game with 3rd Degree Marcelo Garcia Black Belt Andrew Callandrelli

  • Lifelong martial artist, seasoned MMA Veteran, BJJ competitor, and expert instructor Andrew Callandrelli reveals the essentials of a more efficient and dangerous front headlock game.
  • Master the art of getting to the front headlock with snap downs, underhook work, and key principles that will help you find, secure, and maintain one of grapplings most oppressive positions.
  • Choose from a giant library of effective submissions that will help you continuously funnel your training partners and opponents into dangerous traps over and over again.
  • Create a more well rounded front headlock game as you add multiple high level attacks, transitions, and valuable front headlock gold to your arsenal, all battle tested and hand picked by an experienced and respected BJJ Black Belt.