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Work For NAGA

Become a NAGA Referee

NAGA is always looking for qualified individuals to join our stellar referee team. Our referees must first complete the apprentice program. Here you will referee and perform other NAGA tasks, such as checking in and interviewing competitors using Smoothcomp, under the watch of a certified NAGA referee. Once you become proficient in both you will become a NAGA referee. The basic requirements to join the apprentice program are:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must be a purple belt or higher in BJJ (or the equivalent in another art but with a strong knowledge of BJJ rules)
  • Must be able to travel on a Friday and return (typically) on Sunday
  • Must have basic computer skills
  • Must be familiar with NAGA rules. Not necessarily proficient, we will help you with that, but at least be familiar with them.
  • Prior referee experience is not required but is a plus if you have any.
  • Knowing how to use Smoothcomp is not required but it is also a plus if you already know how to use it.

Our referees are paid for working, and their hotel and travel (gas or airfare) are covered.

The first step to join our referee team is to complete the referee application. Our referee training coordinator will contact you to provide you the next steps on your journey to becoming a NAGA referee.

Ring Coordinators & Support Staff

NAGA is looking for workers for upcoming events. Ring coordinators are those who work a ring with a referee, keeping time and score, and helping the referee keep the ring organized and running smoothly. No previous martial arts training is required. You will need to have basic computer skills. and the ability to pay attention and understand the referee commands regarding scoring and time (they will teach you there). This s a great job for those who are unable to compete but want to be close to the action.

Other positions typically available are front door security, awards, weigh-ins and more. All positions are paid. Food, snacks, and drinks are also provided. In addition to working the event itself, you may also have the option to work set up the day before. Please note that if you are working you will not be allowed to compete.
If you are interested in working an event, please email Jeff at [email protected]. Let him know which event you are interested in working and he will let you know if any spots are open and what they are.