NAGA and Smoothcomp – Managing Grappling & BJJ tournaments

October 12, 2022
Smoothcomp BJJ Tournament Management

Smoothcomp has been an integral part in helping NAGA (North American Grappling Association) give their competitors a fantastic grappling and BJJ tournament experience. Competitors and fans alike have raved about how they like being able to monitor their mat assignments and starting times using the Smoothcomp website. From registering for the event to receiving your award at the end of the event, Smoothcomp has been a hit with NAGA competitors.

In the 2010’s, NAGA began looking for an all-encompassing tournament management solution that would allow us to move away from the pen and paper bracketing we were using at that time. Giving rough (sometimes very rough) estimates of division start times, and not being able to see brackets until minutes before your division began, were not ideal for competitors.

After inquiring into a couple of BJJ tournament bracketing solutions, and looking into developing an in-house solution, NAGA was very close in 2017 to implementing a program. We thought and hoped that it would make the experiences we wanted to give our competitors come to light. Unfortunately, the system was too complicated to set up, could not adapt to certain of our processes, and just plain failed the time we tried to use it.

In 2018, we found Smoothcomp. Ricard (BJJ black belt), Martin V. (BJJ brown belt), and Martin J.(BJJ black belt), the founders of Smoothcomp, are martial artists who promoted tournaments. They wanted a solution to run better tournaments. When they could not find one, they created one, Smoothcomp. After speaking with them, learning about Smoothcomp, and feeling the true passion they had for their creation, it was a simple decision to try them out. They were flexible and easy to work with. They made the process of NAGA joining Smoothcomp, well…smoooooth.

NAGA had decided that December 2018, we would do our first tournaments using Smoothcomp. We made a large investment into the laptops, monitors, Wi-Fi devices, and all supporting peripherals, to make these tournaments a success. We promoted that we were implementing Smoothcomp to our competitors and educated our staff on the use of it. These first few events, though a transition to our competitors and to our staff, were a success and positively received. We knew that we found the bracketing and tournament management solution we needed.

The Smoothcomp team is a true pleasure to work with. They have a great product, but they have not sat still, they are constantly bettering Smoothcomp.  The Smoothcomp staff deserve recognition for their efforts in the advancement and bettering of grappling and BJJ tournaments. NAGA is happy that we found Smoothcomp. We are excited to work with them into the future, as they continue to grow and enhance Smoothcomp.

Smoothcomp has a great support page that can answer many of your questions related to how to use it. NAGA’s FAQ page also has information on how to use Smoothcomp.

The NAGA staff can help answer many of your Smoothcomp questions. If their support page and our FAQ does not resolve your issue. Some items (like passwords) are outside of what we can do, so contacting Smoothcomp support would be your best option.

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming NAGA tournament!

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