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NAGA Team Champions – Registration on SmoothComp

July 21, 2021

NAGA presents team championship belts to those who win one of these categories: Adult Overall (total points of gi plus no-gi), Adult No-Gi, Adult Gi, Children & Teens Overall (combination of no-gi and gi points). These are awesome awards that look incredible when displayed in your academy.

Team points are given based on a sliding scale where higher skill levels receive more points than lower skill levels. Learn more about the points breakdown.

Our goal is to give these awards to the team champions at the end of every event. The major obstacle in accomplishing this is that competitors from schools are often not tallied under the same team name. Making sure that the correct teams are awarded these belts is priority number one which means we often have to wait and mail out the awards after the results are tallied post event. This includes combining team names such as Kipp’s Basement and Kipps Basement (the only difference is the apostrophe). These are obviously the same team but the system is unable to determine this and thus the team points are counted separately (and one might have the wrong affiliation).

Teams also need to be listed under the correct affiliation. The affiliation would be something like Gracie Barra. Your school could be Gracie Barra Connecticut, Gracie Barra Florida, etc. but you all would fall under the Gracie Barra affiliation. When team points are tallied they are done so using the affiliation. You will still be able to see your school name but your team points will all be combined under the affiliation. It is important to make sure your school/team name is listed under the correct affiliation, and that all of your students select the correct school/team name (remember, Kipp’s and Kipps are two different teams)

We are asking all coaches to please make sure your team and affiliation is set up correctly amongst all your students. We are seeing more and more schools making sure that their students are all under the same school name which is extremely appreciated and helps us towards the goal of awarding team belts at the tournament. At some point (likely starting in 2022) we are going to no longer combine team results post event and base team champions on the points accumulated by affiliations at the end of the tournament. We are getting very close to being able to do this and once again, we appreciate you getting your team and affiliation in order.

We created a document to help you set up your team and affiliation. The process is not too difficult and does not take much time at all. If you need help you can always call us at 860-295-0403 or email us at [email protected]. If we need to get Smoothcomp involved we will do so or direct you to them if there is something that needs to be done that we do not have the access to complete.

If you have won a team champions belt, send us a photo of it displayed at your school, in a team photo, etc. and we would love to share it with the NAGA community. You can email it to [email protected].

See you on the mats!

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