NAGA Transgender Policy

September 12, 2023
Naga - North American Grappling Association

NAGA Transgender Athlete Policy (revised 9/22/23):

We, as an organization, strive to ensure fairness, inclusivity, and respect for all competitors within our events. With regards to transgender females competing in NAGA, the following policy shall be implemented:

Division for Cisgender Females:

We will have divisions for only cisgender females. Transgender females will not be entered into these divisions.

Optional Second Division:

We will ask the cisgender females if they would like to do an additional division with the transgender females. This additional division will be offered at no cost to those competitors doing the additional division.

Division Options for Transgender Females:

If no cisgender females decide to compete against the transgender females, the transgender females will be given the option to compete with the males in their respective weight and skill level category. If the transgender females have no cisgender females to compete against and does not want to compete with the men at their weight/skill level, they will be given a full refund.

Agreement Confirmation:

If any discomfort or objections arise during the tournament, we will pause all matches within the division in question. We will then reiterate the policy and seek consent from all participants before proceeding with matches.

Identification Challenges & Eligibility:

We ask that transgender females contact NAGA via email ( prior to the tournament in which they are competing so we can go through this policy with them. NAGA has been informed about the presence of transgender females in advance by instructors/competitors who are in the same division. If identification occurs after matches have started, we will halt the division and follow the aforementioned process before resuming matches.

Transgender females may need to provide documentation that she has maintained her serum testosterone below 10 nmol/L for a new continuous period of at least 12 months.