January 14, 2021

Welcome to the new, an update long overdue. We hope you enjoy the new layout and find it easier to get the information you need. Here are some tips on how to navigate the new site.

  • Events: Information about events can be found in a couple of places, in the menu across the top or below the main image on the homepage. From the homepage, find the tournament you are interested in, click the image and you will be brought to that tournament’s page. From the menu bar, click EVENTS then EVENTS LIST. Here you will find the events listed vertically. If you prefer a calendar view, click the calendar icon located right above the first tournament’s image.
  • Each event has information specific to that event , including the schedule and travel information. There are red buttons for SCHEDULE, TRAVEL, and DIVISIONS. Click these and they will take you to that area of the tournament’s page.
  • We have an extensive FAQ section that will hopefully help any questions regarding NAGA tournaments. Please take a look at this page as it might help answer a question you have or let you know about items you were not aware were available.
  • For NAGA rules and divisions, click the link on the menu bar.
  • For contact information, click the link on the menu bar.
  • The SHOP link will bring you to our online shop,
  • We have a NAGA app. You can download it from iTunes or the Google Play store via the links at the bottom of the page. This is a simple app (at the moment) that has a list of upcoming tournaments, news, links to social media, etc.
  • Speaking of social media, links to our pages can be found at the top and bottom of the page.
  • If you are not already on our email list to receive the monthly NAGA News email, you can sign up from our homepage. Go to the Don’t Miss the Latest NAGA news section and enter your email address.
  • If you have any questions or suggestions about the site please share them via our CONTATCS page which can be accessed from the menu bar.

We will be adding more features to the site in the upcoming months. Please take a look around the site and we look forward to seeing you on the mats in 2021!